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A Schizophrenic Orgy of Sonic Debauchery


The Gospel of Engadine – VIDEO OUT NOW!
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BRISNEYLAND! We’re playing a FREE SHOW at the Caxton Seafood Festival, Sunday 2nd May. We’re onstage 3-4pm, followed by Darren Middleton (Powderfinger). Gates 12pm. Come get loose!
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Heavy x unconventional + experimental + a tonne of talent = MOFOiSDEADClea-marie Thorne - Writer/Photographer (AU)

"Brisneyland is a gleaming beacon of a band that appears to be on the cusp of something spectacular."Mark Beresford - The Music (AU)

"There are some records so poignant, you turn to them during certain moments in life. For many, MOFOiSDEAD's Brisneyland EP is going to be one such record."Mimm Steele - Music Is My Muse (AU)

"Though Paul is a man of few words there is obviously a lot going on in his mind."Ryan Martin - Jammerzine (USA)

“I like the way you’re put together.”Champ Kind - Anchorman (USA)


In a world that they did not create, they amble through it as if it were their own making. Half human, half goat; no one is quite certain what they are. But – whatever they may be – they’re weird and they’re pissed off… and they call themselves MOFOiSDEAD.

Scotty Saunders – Bass | Paul Galagher – Guitar & Vocals | Luke Pammenton – Drums


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Email mofoisdead [at] gmail.com or message us on Insta/Facey.